Has Banksy Retired?

47 farringdon st

So what’s happened to Banksy? Has he bought a seaside retreat in Canvey Island and spending his days gardening? or maybe he’s now a full time Euro MEP? It’s been a quiet time on the streets where Banksy is concerned and even quieter when it comes to print releases so what is Mr B spending his days doing? If you have spotted Banksy please let us know what he was doing so we can get him back to work. By releasing just 2 prints per year Banksy could enable dozenss of flippers to book all inclusive holidays. Four print releases would ensure they don’t have to suffer the degradation of only a Four star hotel. So if you know where Banksy is, contact us in confidence and you could help a flipper,

Where is Banksy?

It’s been over 2 years since we last saw a Banksy print release, with that being ‘choose your weapon’ in December 2010. We were then enticed with the promise of a March 2012 release of his gorilla print which never happened. This was rumoured to be due to problems with the glitter finish of the gorillas mask, but nearly 2 years later still no gorilla. Flippers and queue jumpers were then hoping for an early christmas present, spending the night in sub zero temperatures queuing for a saturday morning release at POW. But still no new Banksy print! So where is Banksy?

Artist or Vandal?

Banksy the self dubbed Art Terrorist from Bristol has been called both an artist and a vandal, and many debates have taken place over the question “Is it Art or vandalism?”

Urban Legend?

Banksy Urban legend?, with his identity shrouded in darkness. There have been only a handful of photos alledging to be him but none have been confirmed. Due to the shroud of secrecy surrounding his real identity and his subversive character, banksy has achieved a cult following.

Banksy Unmasked at last?

Has banksy been unmasked at last? Reports in national newspapers stated that the true identity of banksy may of finally been exposed. There is an uncanny resemblance in the life of one Robin Gunningham, a public schoolboy from bristol and the infamous Mr B!

Banksy Art

Banksy started life as a freehand street grafitti artist in bristol in the early 80’s, he was believed to be a member of the DryBreadZ Crew. He then went on to stencilling and his work started appearing in Londons streets as well as Bristols. He has since covered many different media including painting, sheep, cows and even an elephant!. His works are now very sought after, and owning an original banksy is now only a dream for most . Many of the rich and famous including hollywood A-listers Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt have bought banksy’s art pushing prices sky high.

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