Who Is Banksy?

Banksy previously believed to be one Robert or Robin Banks and born in 1974/5 in Yate, Bristol.

He doesn’t do interviews very often but was interviewed in 2003 by Simon Hattenstone, a reporter for the Guardian newspaper. He described banksy as looking like a “cross between Jimmy Nail and Mike Skinner of the Streets” and turning up wearing scruffy casual jeans and t-shirt, sporting a silver tooth, silver chain and silver earring.

Banksy started doing graffiti when he was 14 years old but admits “I was quite crap with a spray can, so I started cutting out stencils instead.” He has come a long way since spraying his tag on the walls of bristol. He changed his stomping ground to Shoreditch in london where you will find lots of his work on display, to holding exhibitions in Los Angeles.

Banksy Unmasked

Banksy Unmasked

Banksy has supposedly been photographed a few times but each photo appears to be a different person to me so who knows?. The Picture to the right appeared in The Evening Standard Newspaper in 2004, and was supposedly taken by a Jamaican photographer named Peter Dean Rickards.when banksy flew to Kingston to work on a project.

Robin Gunningham

The Daily Mail recently ran a story reporting that they believed Banksy to be one Robin Gunningham, a former public schoolboy. After a year long investigation the mail believe they are as close to exposing his identity as anyone has before. There are many similarities in the life of Banksy and Robin Gunningham and the story is given more credibility with the fact that no one can trace Robin Gunningham.

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