Banksy Authentication

Banksy’s rise in popularity and value have lead to a sharp rise in reproductions of his works, with many high value prints being offered for sale on well known internet auction sites. So if your considering buying a banksy piece do your homework!

Banksy prints are now released by Pictures on Walls who are a London based gallery who represent the artist. Prints are usually issued with numbering and a Pictures on Walls blindstamp and POW will record the owners details of each print. Not all Banksy releases were/are signed. This is the case for most works but older pieces can be missing some or all of the above.

If you are thinking of buying a piece of artwork then you should ask if there is any provenance. Provenance means the origin, or the source, of something, This may be a receipt or C.O.A. (certificate of authentication). With Banksy art you can check with POW who the piece you are buying is registered to if numbered. If the piece is not numbered you can still get it’s authenticity checked. POW offer a service to check authenticity and you can contact them via their website

Banksy pieces can also be authenticated via who along with POW are the only recognised people to verify his work. There is a charge for the service.

Banksy works have been sold at various locations including Santas Ghetto, Green Leaf Bookstore and TomTom Gallery to name but a few and some of these works would of come with just a receipt.

Banksy will not authenticate street pieces SO DON’T TAKE THEM! they are worthless!